Kerala Government/ODEPC Recruitment of Nurses for NHS UK November 2018

odepc kerala government nurses recruitment to uk December 2018 AdvtMuch awaited program from ODEPC (Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Council – A govt of Kerala Initiative) and Kerala government has arrived for recruiting nurses to NHS hospitals in UK. All private as well as kerala government nurses with valid nursing council registration (any state) and a recent experience of six months (not before 18 months) can apply for this program. This is an excellent opportunity for nurses working in Kerala Government sector as those who wish to earn some nice money can get leave for three years from government service and can work in UK. For others, ODEPC ( a Kerala Government initiative) assures safe and secure recruitment to UK government hospitals, without any recruitment recruitment scams. Read more about terms, conditions and method of applying below.

ODEPC/Kerala Government  Nurses recruitment to NHS Hospitals in UK

For those who may be thinking, what is the benefit of Kerala Government in letting government nurses to work in UK for three years?

Kerala government is telling that nurses will be trained in NHS standards to work later in hospitals under Govt of Kerala. Reality is Government as well as ODEPC (owned and managed by kerala Government) will get a nice sum from NHS trusts for recruiting nurses. They can manage the work in government hospitals with contract staff ( payment will be less) and will have less expenditure. Also, nurses who wants to go, earn some money from working in UK will be benefited by this program. Lets see about the recruitment rules specified for this recruitment.

  • All Nurses with GNM, BSc Nursing are eligible.  There is no specific age restriction.
  • ODEPC identifies and sources nurses interested in applying for the GLP.  The nurses must have a current registration with a professional nursing body, have six months post registration work experience in a general hospital and have evidence of recent clinical practice (within the last 18 months).
  • ODEPC makes these nurses sit the CEPT (Cambridge English Proficiency Test) to baseline their English language abilities. CEPT test is completed online. It will need to be done under supervision by ODEPC.
  • Nurses who score 6.5 in the CEPT are then eligible to join the GLP. ODEPC adds them to the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and provides support to the applicant in terms of making sure their documents are in order.
  • HEE then issues a letter to the nurse confirming they have been accepted onto the GLP and, if they reach 7.0 in English language, will be offered an interview with an NHS hospital.
  • Nurses who have already passed the IELTS exam at level 7.0 in all four domains, or have the OET at level B, will be given an immediate skype interview.
  • For the rest, ODEPC then provides an English language training package to support nurses move from 6.5 to 7.0 in English language proficiency. They also support them to book the exam when they are ready. We generally expect nurses studying full-time to take around 3 months to move from 6.5 to 7. For those working part-time, it is nearer 4-6 months.
  • When nurses reach 7.0 and pass the exam, HEE will arrange an interview with an NHS hospital within 5 working days. 100% of our nurses put forward for interview have so far been offered a job.
  • ODEPC then provides training for nurses to sit the CBT (Computer Based Test). An online e-learning package for the CBT which candidates who pass the IELTS/OET will be given access to.  ODEPC will to support the candidate to book the exam.
  • Once this is complete, the nurse then submits their documentation to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in London via their e-portal.  ODEPC will support candidates with sending their documents in a timely manner, ensuring all information is there to avoid delays.
  • Upon the NMC issuing the decision letter (DL), the NHS hospital can apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).  Upon receipt the candidate can then apply for their UK visa. ODEPC will provide support for candidates to get their documents in order etc.
  • When a visa is issued, the candidate’s employing trust will arrange the candidate’s flight, accommodation, support package etc.
  • The candidate then works as a Healthcare Assistant, before sitting their OSCE at Band 3 salary.
  • When they pass their OSCE, they move to a Band 5 salary. 100% of nurses arriving in the UK under the GLP have done this successfully, generally within a few months. It is a requirement of the visa that they must pass the OSCE within 8 months of arrival, and with no more than three attempts. The nurses who could not pass OSCE is suppose to return of their own expense.

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