Medical Syndromes made easy for staff nurse exams

medical syndromes for nursing exams

Medical Syndromes to be learnt while preparing for various exams. This is a usual head ache. Here we try to alleviate your sufferings with listing most of the syndromes and key explanations for each. Also some hints are provided for easy learning. Hints means when we are studying with our study partner we will try to memorize some topics with some key words. After reading this article,  when some syndromes is asked with their names in Multiple choice questions you will be getting some idea about what it is. It will help you remember something better than having no idea about the option.

Note – This article is not for serious learners who will always learn everything in its full depth. Its just a memorization method for remembering medical syndromes from their names for novice.

Medical Syndromes  for Easy Memorization

Adam – Stokes syndrome – Heart block with slow or absent pulse often accompanied by convulsions – Hint –  Stoke is not related to stroke but heart

Alport Syndrome – Heriditary nephritis characterized by Glomerulonephritis, ESRD and hearing loss – genetic disease – Hint – Remember Alport Nephritis

Ashermans Syndrome – Endometrial adhesions leading to amenorrhea and infertility-  Hint – Ashes in Uterus

Bantis Syndrome – Chronic congestive splenomegaly with anemia, probably due to Portal Hypertension or splenic vein thrombosis – Hint – Remember Banomegaly

Barret Syndrome – Chronic Peptic ulcer of oesohagus resulting in metaplasia of oesophageal squamous and columnar epithelium – Hint – Barrets Oesophagus

Brown Sequard Syndrome – Loss of pain and temperature sensation on one side and loss of proprioception and discriminatory touch on ipsilateral side – Hint – Brown Touched Sequard

Barlow Syndrome – Mital valve prolapse with either late systolic murmor or systolic click or both – Hint – Bishop Barlow – Mitral valve is also called Bishop valve because of its shap

Bud Chiari Syndrome – Hepatic vein thrombosis, Massive ascites and dramatic death – Hint – Liver Buddy

Chineese Restaurant Syndrome – Chest pain, burning sensation over parts of the body – Hint – You got the bill at Chineese Restaurant

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – Compression of Median nerve through carpal tunnel, pain and paresthesia over distribution of median nerve – Hint – Feel your Carpal – You will get median nerve

Conns Syndrome– Primary Hyperaldosteronism, muscular weakness, hypertension, hypokalemia and alkalosis – Hint – Conn —– Corn—–Right adrenal gland is somewhat corn shaped —-got aldosterone

Cushings Syndrome – Hypersecretion of cortisol – moon face, wasting of limbs, buffallo hump, bone decalcification, corticoid diabetes, Hypertension – Hint – Cushi—–Qushi With Cortisol—-Hypersecretion of cortisol

Cervical Syndrome – Supernumary pressure on C7 rib causes widsperead pain over C7 distribution – Hint – No. of cervical vertebrae = 7….got it C7

Dandie Walker Syndrome – Obstruction of Foramen of Luschka and Foramen of Magendie in infant – Hint – Foramen of Magendie——–Foramen of Dandie…..

Down Syndrome – Trisomy 21 ie having a third copy of Chromosome 21 – features – mental retardation, Simeon creases, low set and round ear, stunted growth

Edward Syndrome – Microcephaly , low set ears, vsd/pda/asd, overlapping of 3rd 4th and 5th finger of feet Hint – King Edward had Microcephaly

Eisenmenger Syndrome – VSD, Pulmonary hypertension and cayanosis

Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome – congenital defect of collagen. Hyper elasticity and friability of skin. Hyperextensability of joints – Hint – That name itself shows some distortion in shape…..isn’t it?

Fanconis syndrome – Bone marrow hypoplasia refractory anemia and pancytopenia…..Hint  – Remember Fanconis anemia

Gullain Barre Syndrome – Progressive nerve degeneration causing progressive loss of muscle function

Fisher Syndrome – Variant (OCCULAR)  of GBS with opthalmoplegia, areflexia and ataxia – Hint – Remember Fish Eyes

Floppy valve syndrome – Mitral valve incompetence due to myxomatous degeneration of leaflets – Hint – Remember Bishop’s Floppy – Bishop valve is mitral valve

Gardners syndrome – Multiple inherited tumours – skull osteomas, fibromas, epidermoid cysts, colonic polyposis etc….Hint….Remember Tumour Garden —Slight change to Gardner

Goodpasteurs Syndrome – Autoantibodies are produced against basement membrane—-Hint —-Rembember a Basement Chappel——Chappels always have Pasteurs

Goldenhar syndrome – Congenital birth defect usually affecting one side of the face. Also called occuloauricular dysplasia…..Hint —–Remember Golden Facial —-done on face na….

Horner Syndrome – Impaired cervical sympathetics…Hint….Horns associated with vertebrae…..So Cervical horns are impaired

Hun’s Syndrome – Infection of Facial nerve (7) and geniculate ganglion, facial palsy and zoster of ear….Hint….Remember Ha Ha Ha involves facial nerve na…..

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Functional bowel disorder characterised by abdominal discomfort, bloating, alteration of bowel habits in absence of any detectable organic cause

Kartagners Syndrome – Situs Inversus – Lateral transposition of lungs caused by chronic sinusitis and brochiectiasis …..Hint……Remember Kartagners Lungi…..Lung displacement

Korsakkoffs Syndrome – Loss of short term memory due to alcoholism (degeneration of mamilliary bodies)

Kilnefelters Syndrome – Due to additional x material in males. Also called 47XXY. Causes testicular atrophy and increased gonadotropins in urine…..Hint…..Kill the x…..

Loefflers Syndrome – Eosinophilia with transient infiltrates in lungs…..Hint…..Loeffler…..Laughophilia……

Malabsorption Syndrome – Imapaired absorption of dietry substances, diarhoea, weakness, weight loss or symptoms of specific deficiencies…..Hint….As the name implies Malabsorption itself

Marfan Syndrome – Connective tissue disorder ie Arachnodactylli – abnormally long digits and extremities, subluxation of lens, dissecting aortic aneurysm……Hint…..Marfan……Baffoon…..Baffoons usually have extra long extremities, digits etc…na

Mallory Weiss Syndrome – Laceration of oesophagus due to excessive vomiting or haemetemesis. Seen in Alcoholics……Hint……AL inside Mallory gives hint to alcoholism

Metabolic Syndrome – Obesity, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Dyslipidemia

Ochoa Syndrome – Hydronephrosis, Abnormal facial expressions, bladder and urinary tract problems…..Hint……the term   ochoa itself gives some unusual expression while pronouncing

Pancoast Syndrome – Tumour at the apex of Lung with pleuritic chest pain and muscular atrophy of right arm……..Hint….Remember Pancoast tumour.

Puppet Syndrome – or Angelman Syndrome – due to deletion of a part of chromosome 15 – MR, walking on toes, drooling of saliva, continous laughting, seem to flop while walking……Hint…… most characteristics are like puppet only….

Reitters Syndrome – Cluster of symptoms – urethritis, iridocyclitis, arthritis, skin leisions, fatty liver

Restless Legs Syndrome – or Wittmaack-Ekbom syndrome, is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations

Reyes Syndrome –  Loss of consciusness and seizures in kids, after viral infection is treated with Aspirin

Scalded Skin Syndrome – Aureus toxic epidermal necrolysis

Sheehans Syndrome – Post partum pitituary necrosis leading to hypopitituarism……….Hint……Read it as She Has Syndrome.

SVC  Syndrome – Obstuction of SVC by tumour causing engorgument of vessels of neck, face and arms. Nonproductive cough dyspnea……Hint……If SVC is obstructed all the suppliers to SVC will bulge and hence the syndrome

Steven Johnson Syndrome – Serious allergic or hypersensitivity reaction. Symptoms include blistering and erosion of skin…….Hint…..Steven…..Sticky Skin

Sjögren’s Syndrome – Autoimmune complex Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca (dry eyes and mouth) Dryness of Mucous membranes Telangiectasias in face Parotid enlargement….Hint………Look at that ‘ö’ …. implies facial distortion

Serotonin syndrome –  potentially life-threatening drug reaction that may occur following therapeutic drug use, inadvertent interactions between drugs, overdose of particular drugs, or the recreational use of certain drugs.

Sick Sinus Syndrome – Chaotic atrial activity, continuing changes in p wave, bradycardia, alternating with recurrent ectopic beats and run of tachycardia

Thorn’s Syndrome – or Salt losing Nephritis occurs as a result of renal tubular damage of many aetologies, along with hyponatraemia, azotaemia, acidosis, thirst and vascular malfunctioning. Salt-losing nephritis……..Hint……Assume a thorn causing damage to renal tubules

Turners Syndrome – 45X ie absence of one entire sex chromosome – only in girls – Dwarfism,Webbed neck,Valgus of elbow,Amenorrhea ….Read it as Turn Her Syndrome……then you got HER with 45X

Toxic Shock Syndrome – Caused by superabsorbent tampons. Infection with Staph Aureus and subsequent toxicity of exotoxin TSST,systemic anaphylaxis. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea Red rash followed by desquamation…..Hint…..Toxic Tampons

Takayasu’s Syndrome – also known as “aortic arch syndrome”, “nonspecific aortoarteritis” and the “pulseless disease” is a form of large vessel granulomatous vasculitis with massive intimal fibrosis and vascular narrowing, affecting often young or middle-aged women of Asian descent…….Hint…….TAKA……Take away pulse..

Ulysses Syndrome – Ill effects from follow up diagnosing tests following a false positive screening test…..Hint…..Read  Ulys as Ugly Diagnosing test.

Wilson Syndrome – Congenital defect in Ceruloplasmin, leading to buildup of copper, mental retardation, cirrhosis, hepatolenticular degeneration ….Hint…..Like Copper Nickus we have a Copper Wilson

Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome – ECG pattern of Paroxysmal Tachycardia. Short PR interval Delta wave = early QRS complex…..Hint….Delta wave comes like a wolf and wolf hunts in night na…..

Yellow-Nail Syndrome – Stop growth of nails,increased convexity, thickening, and yellowing of nails. Found in Lymphedema, bronchitis, chronic bronchiectasis.

Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome – Gastrin-secreting tumor in pancreas, Severe peptic ulcers, gastric hyperacidity


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Now you have read about various medical syndromes commonly asked in staff nurse exams. Please do refresh this often. You can bookmark this page to read it later ie just before your exam. This is because, we believe that Memory is all related to number of Revisions made. Good luck for exams buddies.

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