NIMHANS Staff Nurse exam previous years questions compilation April 2015

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore,  staff nurse exam is scheduled on May 3rd 2015. A mock test is uploaded in NIMHANS website. But you will be disappointed when you go through that as there is no model questions in that mock test.
Here, through this post brings you previous questions asked in Nimhans Staff Nurse exam. Hopes this is very useful & if you do find this useful – Please do share and support


1. Which of the following describes the rationale for anticoagulant therapy?

2. The most frequently occurring type of brain tumour is

3. The nurse is aware that bacteria that produce meningitis may enter the CNS via the

4. Co – ordination of skeletal muscles and equilibrium are controlled by?

5. Primary responsibility of a nurse during generalised motor seizures is?

6. Unconsciousness always indicates?

7. The three key signs and symptoms that are primary clues to meningitis?

8. A major goal of treatment for the client with a chronic progressive neurologica disorder is?

9. Which of the following is not true of Guilian Barre Syndrome?

10. The initial nursing intervention for the client exhibiting symptoms of autonomic dysreflexia is ?

11, Which of the following is not true of Guilian Barre Syndrome?

12. The person most likely to sustain a spinal cord injury is a

13. The initial nursing intervention for the client exhibiting symptoms of autonomic dysreflexia is ?

14. A client with an injury at the C6 level will be able to?

15. Radio surgical procedure that destroy deep seated intracranial lesion selectively and precisely?

16. An important nursing measure after an aneurysm repair is to ?

17. How will you maintain spinal alignment for a patient with spinal cord injury?

18. An adult Glasgow coma scale is indicative of coma. Her score is?

19. Haemorrhage that occurs between pia matter and arachnoid matter?

20. Most common initial complications of cranial surgery?

21. Following supratentorial surgeries, the patient to be kept in?

22. Causes of severe mental illness?

23. Down syndrome is caused by?

24. Miss.Hima, a student nurse is working with Mrs.Saraswathy an elderly client. Miss.Uma finds herself behaving with Mrs.Saraswathy as she does with her grandmother. This is an example of?

25. The most important characteristics of the nurse who is caring for a client with a severe anxiety attack is?

26. Name the commonly used drug to treat severe mental illness?

27. If a patient who Is a taking Chlorpromazine tablet has developed rigidity and tremors of legs and hands, excessive salivation. It Is due to:?

28. To calm the patlont who Is excited and violent?

29. To Identify the severely mentally ill In a village, the best way to enquire is?

30. When Ms.Nandhini expresses feelings of unworthiness, the best response on the part of the nurse would be ?

31. If a patient and family members insist to go to temples or to magic healers for treatment. I will tell them:?

32. In order to improve a mentally retarded child, one has to give the child?

33. A delusion Is?

34. Which is the most important group of symptoms of lithium toxicity?

35. Which of the following is the contraindication for ECT?

36. Planning of an environment for therapeutic purpose is ?

37. Which crisis develops In an Individual when he/she passes from childhood to adolescent stage?

38. A client is habitually expressing anxiety through physical symptoms. Which defence by the nurse is being used by the client?

39. The Mental Heath Act came into existence in the year?

40. In psychiatric nursing, the most important tool the nurse brings to a helping relationship is?
41. A nurse is changing the tapes of tracheostomy tube.the client coughs and the tube is dislodged The initial action is to:

42. In one person Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, the ratio of breaths: compressions is?

43. Most of the acute blood transfusion reactions are likely to occur?

44. You have received a patient with cervical spinal cord injury in the casualty. The appropriate, precautionary nursing action would be to?

45. When the blood PH is below 7.36 it is called?

46. Patient opens eyes to pain, withdraws left upper limb and talks inappropriate words. What is the GCS score?

47. A psychiatry patient who is crying continously is recieved in casuality with discolorized right arm. You will immediately?

48. An aggressive psychiatric patient with a knife in hand, run towards you. You will?

49. One of the following is a non infectious waste?

50. Waste sharps are treated or disposed through?

51. In which year Mental Health Care act was passed by the Union Ministry?

52. New Mental Health Policy was launched in 2014 on?

53. According to AHA 2010, what is the compression rate/minute for Children?

54. Which is the current five year plan ie going on??

55. Who is the present Chief Justice of India?

56. Winner of Bharat Ratna 2014?

57. Cerebral palsy is:

58. Therapeutic touch is practiced to?

59. Patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors(MOAI) should be educated that MOAIs interactwith tyramine rich foods and beverages to cause:?

60. The nurse is providing oral care for a client who is unconscious. How should the client be positioned??

61. Which of the following is not a complication of fractures?

62. Nursing advocacyz?

63. Common side effects of analgesic drugs include?

64. The nurse is observing the new staff member work with the client. Of the following activities, which one has the greatest possibility of contributing to a nosocomial infection and requires correction??

65. Droplet precautions will be instituted for the client admitted to the infectious disease unit with?

66. A client has a viral infection. Which of the following is typical of the illness stage of the course of her infection?

67. In preventing and controlling the transmission of infections, the single most important technique is?

68. An appropriate technique that the nurse includes in the surgical scrub is to?

69. An appropriate isolation procedure for the nurse to implement when working with a client who is found to have methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is to?

70. Which of the following clients is at greatest risk for acquiring a health care-associated (nosocomial) infection?

71.What is the first thing you need to know about Infection Control?

72. A client with leukemia is receiving oral prednisolone (Prednisolone). An expected side effect of the prolonged use of prednisolone is which of the following?

73. The client is admitted with a pH of 7.30, PaCO2 of 48mm Hg, and a HCO3 of 30. The nurse assesses these findings as which of the following?

74. The client is admitted with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The nurse is aware that he will exhibit signs of which of the following?

75. The nurse is caring for a client with a closed chest drainage system. If the tubing becomes disconnected from the system, the nurse should?

76. The physician has ordered an emollient cream for a client with dry skin. To facilitate rehydration of the skin, the nurse should do which of the following?

77. The nurse realizes that most partial seizures arise from which area of the brain??

78. The nurse assessing the laboratory values of a client with possible Guillain-Barrèrecognizes which value as the most distinguishing feature of the disease?

79. A client post craniotomy has been diagnosed with SIADH. Which symptoms would the nurse expect the client to exhibit?

80. A client with multiple sclerosis has been prescribed the drug baclofen.What is the action of this drug?

81. The nurse is observing the physician in assessment of a client with suspected meningitis. The doctor is seen raising the thigh upon the body to see whether pain occurs in the hamstring muscle. What is the doctor checking for??

82. A client has an ICP monitor in place. The nurse recognizes which as an abnormal level of ICP reading?

83. The pregnant client with AIDS asks whether she should try to breast feed her baby after delivery. Which response is most appropriate?

84. The nurse should use which solution to destroy HIV?

85. The nurse is triaging four clients injured in a train derailment. Which client should receive priority treatment?

86. All of the following are features of absence seizures except?

87. Flapping tremors are seen in the following conditions except?

88. The client has clear fluid leaking from the nose following a basilar skull fracture. The nurse assesses that this is cerebrospinal fluid if the fluid?

89. The client with a brain attack (stroke) has residual dysphagia. When a diet order is initiated, the nurse avoids doing which of the following?

90. The nurse is planning to test the function of the trigeminal nerve(cranial nerve V). The nurse would gather which of the following items to perform the test?

91. The nurse is assessing the motor function of an unconscious client. The nurse would plan to use which of the following to test the client’s peripheral response to pain?

92. The nurse is positioning the client with increased intracranial pressure. Which of the following positions would the nurse avoid?

93. Myasthemia Gravis is a rare, chronic disease that affects the deficit of which neurotransmitter?

94. In turning a new post-op patient who has had a L4 laminectomy, safety demands logrolling with _____ number of nurses?

95. Which of the following solutions is routinely used to flush an IV device before and after the administration of blood to a patient?

96. An increased hematocrit may be found in which of the following conditions?

97. Developmental stressors that can increase anxiety in the middle-aged are?

98. Which blood type is known as the universal recipient?

99. A therapeutic relationship is?

100. Which of the following cells produce myelin, which permits rapid nerve conduction?

Usual pattern of NIMHANS staff nurse exam is 100 questions in 120 minutes. Portions covered usually comes under the following topics viz. Psychiatric Nursing, Neurologic Nursing, Neurosurgical Nursing and General Nursing Subjects.

Wish you all the very best for NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam 2015

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